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A Look at the Natural Teeth Whitening Options by Santa Ana Dentists

A good count of people will hide their teeth when taking a photo or even laughing. This is because their teeth are so stained and when they compare their teeth with those of their counterparts, they really feel demoralized and lose their esteems. The good news that some of them may not have known is the fact that there are so many options they can use to whiten their teeth. Below are some of these options.

Lemon and baking soda

Making a paste of baking soda and lemon juice is one of the best toothpastes you can ever come across. In fact, these are the most popular ingredients in any natural tooth whitening product. The chemical combination of these two products balances out the mouth’s pH level. The baking soda will gently scrub away the stains in the mouth while the lemon will kill those bacteria that cause staining.


Oh yes. Many who hear someone mention charcoal feel terrified in the first instance but the experience they have with the charcoal makes them the greatest advocates of this black gold. The high adsorbent and porosity nature of the charcoal boosts its abrasive properties in whitening of the teeth. It works through binding the components that are responsible for staining thus removing them from the mouth.


The rich vitamin C properties in strawberry together with an enzyme known as malic acid are responsible for the whitening properties of strawberry. It is these properties that have given strawberry the credit for being able to remove surface stains together with the plaque that can really be stubborn on your tooth surface.

Crunchy vegetable and fruits

Such crunchy fruits and vegetables include carrots and apples. These have great tooth whitening properties. Through the simple action of chewing these foods, residue foods and bacteria can be removed from the teeth and mouth. This same action of chewing is credited for getting rid of surface stains and even plaque to some extent.

Oil pulling

This is a mechanism that is used not only for tooth whitening but a holistic oral health. Stains are removed from the teeth while bacteria and germs are removed from the entire mouth and the digestive tract. The best oils used are the cold pressed oils with coconut and olive oils being some of the most commonly used oils. Though it sounds quite unrealistic, try swishing these oils in your mouth for at least 20 minutes every day for a month and you will give a testimony.

There are so many teeth whitening products in the market today to the extent that you can become overwhelmed. The natural products, however few, are always the best options as they lack side effects.