Whitening teeth the natural way

Fleming Island Dentist explains… Everyone wants to give a good impression when mingling with other people, and how best to do this than to give a pleasant smile. This however becomes a challenge to many when it comes to showing off their set of teeth. Many people have teeth that are yellow in color or discolored and often feel embarrassed to show them off when surrounded by people. Everyone wants to have teeth that a clean white, since this brings a sense of confidence when interacting with other people.

The desire to have white teeth has caused many to try all sorts of remedies most of which have failed to work. Brushing the teeth often and after every meal has been thought to whiten teeth but still many have remained disappointed. Brushing teeth often as well as the use of dental floss has proven to be ineffective in dealing with yellow or discolored teeth. Other methods subject people to pain and in the long run bring about tooth sensitivity which is very disturbing. Why not try natural remedies that you can make yourself and are sure of their safety?

One ancient and very effective remedy for tooth whitening as well as well as tooth sensitivity is charcoal. It is easily available since it’s used in our kitchens for cooking; why not give it a try for your teeth. The effectiveness of charcoal is due to its highly absorbing and porous nature. This enables it to bind those things that cause our teeth to have stains.

Another very popularly knows agent for whitening teeth is baking soda mixed with lemon juice. The texture of the baking soda causes it to act as a gentle teeth scrubber, clearing away the stains from the teeth. Together with the lemon this mixture causes the PH level in the mouth to balance, returns the teeth back to a whiter color.

Apple cedar vinegar is known for its numerous uses both internally and internally. In relation to teeth whitening this vinegar is a miracle worker in fighting tough stains on teeth. It is very effective when consistently used, but should be moderately used so as to avoid removal of the enamel.

Oil pulling is another brilliant technique that you can use to cleanse and whiten your teeth. The most commonly used oil for this method is coconut oil which has helped so many people to improve their oral health. You can however use other oils like sunflower or sesame oils for this method.

In addition to these methods the things you eat can help a great deal in improving your teeth. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that are crunchy in nature like apples and carrots, which can assist in eliminating food particles and bacteria from the surface of the tooth. Make a habit of drinking water frequently since this continuously flushes out food particles as well as bacteria from tooth.

With knowledge of the above knowledge, you can be in control of your dental health in general. Our markets today are flooded with all manner of products for teeth whitening, most of which have turned out to be ineffective. We end up trying new products each time not knowing the damage we are adding to our teeth.

Natural homemade remedies come in handy for all your teeth-related issues. They are easily available, easy to make and chemical free. You can be sure of the safety of your teeth when you go the natural way.