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Mesquite Family Dentistry has been providing implants for years, and has kindly shared the following information with us!

Loss of a tooth or teeth in general can completely hamper the quality of life that someone has. It goes a long way in interfering with the way the individual eats and speaks thereby completely hampering their comfort. There has been more awareness created surrounding this issue which has resulted to a total decrease in the number of teeth that are extracted by dentists every year. However, this does not dispute the fact that there are still very many people who are losing their natural teeth and have to seek replacements for them to be able to continue living normally. There are very many options that these individuals may decide to settle on but the best of all being dental implants.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a pair or a single fixture that is embedded on the jaw bone and can be used to replace any lost teeth. It is supported by prosthesis such as the crown or any other removable denture to take its place. After dental implants have been fixed, bone form around it in the jaw line making it to be firmly anchored and supported by other teeth and its own roots.

How Dental Implants Work

The efficiency of the dental implants is highly dependent on the way the bones have formed around it such that it is able to get direct contact with the jaw bone. This process of jaw bone formation and integration with the dental implant is known as osseointegration. The importance of this process is the fact that it ensures that any prosthesis which is placed on top of the implant remains stable and firm such that the performance of this artificial tooth is above par.

People who should consider Getting Dental Implants:

Any person who has a case of missing teeth or even a single missing tooth should consider getting dental implants fixed. There are however some considerations that one needs to make before choosing to get the implants. One should get them if:

If the individual wants to have long term replacement options that are durable and will function well and effectively in place of their missing natural teeth.

If one wants to restore their facial aesthetics, they then need to get their missing teeth replaced by getting dental implants fixed.

If one wants to be able to eat well without straining and also speak comfortably without any sort of difficulty, he or she needs to get dental implants fixed.

If one had tried other options such as getting dentures but then finds them too uncomfortable for them to cope, they may give the dental implants a try since these replacements are able to function well and effectively and are also as strong as the natural teeth are.

If you have more questions about dental implants, you can ask the dentist 75150 directly.